The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), has come up with a legal guide that was published in order to let players know how they could go about claiming their money back from those online poker sites that were shut down.

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The PPA has recently announced that players are running out of time to claim for money from these poker sites since the dates were defined and very few players knew about the same. Players were required to file a claim for the funds lost before this due date.

The PPA guide explains to players how they could go about trying to get these funds back. The PPA has clearly stated that it cannot bring direct lawsuits for the people to the poker sites, but it has mentioned that players who have lost a considerable amount of money can individually or as a self-defined group hire lawyers in order to represent themselves to claim their money. Such class action lawsuits cost high and hence the PPA has advised only those players who have lost a huge amount of money to get involved in the same. Players have been advised to calculate and balance out the costs and the risks involved in receiving an actual judgment on the matter, especially one in a foreign court. The PPA also stated that the problems such lawsuits would face were substantial since the players would find it difficult to demonstrate a valid claim to the funds of the seized accounts and they would also have difficulty in persisting with these claims due to the time taken and the huge costs involved. Some players are of the opinion that this guide might help them establish a ‘case’.

Online poker sites that have not been indicted have only seen an expansion of their business with the increase in numbers of players migrating to these sites from the ones that were indicted. Stock analysts have made a prediction regarding the increased fortunes of these online poker sites. Until 2006, and the passing of the UIGEA Act the US poker market had steadily grown and the revenues from online poker were around the limit of $2.4 billion. Of course, these numbers plummeted after the indictments, but the global market has expanded for the same.

While the lawsuits against these online poker sites could cost players more money, whether it is all really worth it has still not been questioned. The US DoJ has made indictments and shut down these online poker sites under the pretext of protecting players and their interests, but while thousands of players find their accounts empty, the US government can do nothing to bring that money back.

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