The PPA unveiled its new Litigation Support Network on Monday, giving members a free means by which to get basic legal advice on poker-related matters.The Network will also have connections to attorneys who can provide members with further assistance.

Many state gambling laws are confusing, and oftentimes people are not sure whether or not their home games, charity tournaments, or local bar games are legal.News stories pop up all over the country on a seemingly weekly basis, detailing police raids on homes and local establishments where poker games are held.

The Litigation Support Network will provide a free initial legal consultation with members who have questions about poker’s legality when it comes to starting a local poker league, organizing a charity event, or, heaven forbid, should the member be arrested for something having to do with poker.Of course, members may often find the need to seek further counsel from an attorney, and the Network will be able to refer them to attorneys in their area.

Patrick Fleming, an attorney, as well as the PPA state director for New Hampshire, is the head of the Litigation Support Network.
“The patchwork of state and local laws relating to poker is leaving PPA members confused about what is legal and what is illegal,” said Fleming.“In our ongoing efforts to protect the rights of Americans to play poker, the establishment of the Litigation Support Network will provide members with an added level of security as they enjoy the game in their homes, at their local pub or as a way to help a local charity.I am honored to be leading this important effort on behalf of the PPA.”

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