Subsequent to the FBI shutdown of the three top US poker sites, the American online poker industry rallied together to voice their support of the Absolute Poker and The other two poker sites. Currently, efforts to get rid of the UIGEA are being backed by NGOs like the Poker Players Alliance. Online poker organizations are struggling to make online poker legal in the US and are lobbying for the same.

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The executive director of the Poker Player Alliance’s commented on the issue and said that millions of dollars were going into accusing the owners involved and other who are related to the supposed allegations. He said that in place of this, online gambling can rather be regulated or licensed, and this same revenue can be converted into billions.

These organizations give an opportunity to poker players all over the US to voice out their opinions on the matter and show its support for the US poker industry to thrive. With the present indictments, US poker organizations are fighting for Congress to permit the bill that would legalize online poker rooms. These NGOs are primarily based in Las Vegas.

In a statement disclosed by, it is apparent that with a view to get in touch with President Obama and the congress, the NGO has put out a page called ‘Take Action.’ The page has a link that has been directed to the Facebook page of the Department of Justice and people can leave there opinions here. Everyone who is taking a stance for the legalization of online gambling is being asked to leave their opinions in a tactful manner.

Poker players can also get in touch with the authorities through an email in which they will have mention their phone number, email address and name. A representative from the stated that the email had laid out that being a poker player, voter and constituent, the signer is disappointed and frustrated with the recent decision that the Department of Justice has taken with regard to the online poker industry. The email finishes by stating that with an intention of protecting the consumers, this act has been harmful to them. also mentioned that a handful of members in the Congress are being supportive of the online poker industry. One of them is Alfonse M D’Amato, an ex-Senator.

According to, the US poker industry is under turmoil, with “key operators in the gambling industry, like Wynn Resorts, keeping away from the companies that own the banned sites and even withdrawing their support.”

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