After the recent tax bill passed without much incident, the entire poker community seems to be upset over the lack of online poker and internet gambling provisions within it. The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) also expressed its sentiments on the matter, and stated a very clear disappointment at the missed opportunity. The PPA is one of the most important factions behind this push to legalize online poker. They also claimed that it would be highly likely that the bill would not pass with the 111th session of Congress.
Alfonse D’Amato, chairman of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and a former Senator was very disappointed with the new tax bill that passed without any mention of the legalization of online poker in the US. “On behalf of the millions of Americans who play online poker, I am disappointed Congress has not acted to implement important licensing and regulation of this growing industry. Not only will this include valuable consumer protections, but it also will pump much needed funding and jobs into the weakened U.S. economy,”
“It’s a missed opportunity, pure and simple,” he added.
The PPA is currently looking to help create good poker laws that will create a safe and profitable gaming environment for all involved. It is working closely with Sen. Harry Reid and is in full support of his bill, which did not make it through to congress this session.
John Pappas, the executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, although disappointed, encouraged poker players to keep their hopes up and to persevere with trying to get new gambling laws in the US. “While we are clearly disappointed that a law did not pass this year, 2010 was a year of tremendous progress for PPA and the online poker community. The progress we’ve made this year and the momentum of the past few weeks will only help as we continue to work with lawmakers at the state and federal levels to protect the rights of Americans to play the great game of poker in a safe, regulated, U.S. market,” he said.
While many others expressed their disappointment with Senator Reid, Pappas continued to support him. “I think Senator Reid made a very good-faith effort to try and get the bill in a form that would be acceptable to be added to the tax bill that Congress did end up passing last evening,” he said. “Those negotiations broke down last Thursday evening into Friday morning. At that time, we knew the bill wasn’t going to be able to go into the tax bill and that the opportunity to get a bill done this year was very limited,” he added.

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