The Poker Players Alliance or the PPA recently announced a new campaign where they would be trying raise funds to get the US government to legislate online poker. As part of the new initiative, the Poker Players Alliance will be going on the offensive; they have decided that it is time to stop playing the nice guy.
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“It has been a full year since the rights of millions of American poker players were trampled”, said John Pappas from the PPA. He also mentioned that the Poker Players Alliance was working to be function “as a united front,” and that they had plans of “calling on Congress to reverse this wrong and reinstate our basic freedoms.”
John Pappas, the main man behind the Poker Players Alliance and its executive director, has requested poker players to rally together in support of the cause. He has asked that they “never fold in the fight for America’s greatest card game.” This new initiative will come well in time for the first anniversary of the Black Friday incident and hopes to create some change.
John Pappas has introduced a new program called “Never Fold” and hopes that players will continue to fight for “the greatest card game” in the world.
As part of their program, players are being encouraged to rally on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Poker Players Alliance has created a special avatar called Black Friday that is available for free download on its site. Players will have to download and use this logo on Facebook or Twitter and other social networks to spread awareness.
According to Pappas, “The Players Will Never Fold brings the community together with united voices to correct the injustices of the past year. The actions outlined below will take only a few minutes of your time. By taking part, you are joining countless other poker players and enthusiasts across the country in showing your support of the PPA’s ongoing efforts to protect players and establish favorable laws.”
What’s more, the Poker Players Alliance is also looking to get other websites and organizations involved in supporting the “Never Fold” cause. To be a part of this initiative “additional organizations” have been asked to sport a banner or an ad on their websites. The Poker Players Alliance has a series of “Never Fold” poker ads that sites can use.
In addition to this, the Poker Players Alliance will also be hosting a fund raiser event called Never Fold Money Bomb to support their efforts

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