Although you can play online poker at just about every online casino, there are also other options for poker players who are looking at something a little out of the ordinary. There are options for poker lovers to indulge in poker mini-games in mainstream non-gambling games in consoles and PC. Video games who like playing poker can take advantage of popular poker-based videogames which are available as non-betting videogames you can play for fun rather than real-money casino games.
Some of these video themed poker games are  made by some of the best casino software developers in the industry. We take a look at some of the most popular video themed poker games available in the market.
Far Cry 3: You can play poker in Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft. It is a welcome break and game-within-a-game that allows you to relax and unwind after a whole day of battling pirates in the tropics. The casino games in this Far Cry sequel are available in secret back rooms with random opposing players.
The mini-game itself follows the rules of Texas Hold’Em in a straightforward manner. The randomized A.I. opponents have different play styles and patterns to keep every game fresh. Knocking them out every game enables you to gain the poker bonus award. The game also features a rather tense poker match within the main story instead of just being a mini-game.
Watch Dogs: The third-person hacking-themed game Watch Dogs by Ubisoft features poker as well. You can play poker there straightforwardly or you can use your in-game hacking skills to cheat. You can use the surveillance cameras in order to spy on the hands of your opponents so that you know when to fold, make the stakes higher, call bluffs, or do bluffs yourself. The curious thing about the poker in Watch Dogs is that you are actually encouraged to cheat, which will not fly in real-money online poker games.
Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2: Red Dead Redemption (RDR) and Red Dead Redemption II by RockStar Games offers games like poker, blackjack, and Texas Hold’Em card games that you can play as mini-games. In the first installment, up to eight players in multiplayer mode can play the games and they can use the virtual dollar winnings to buy in-game items. In the sequel, you can instead have a smaller roster of two to six players competing this time in various settings. The game also encourages gambling in-game by giving their players a $200 allowance that is refilled every day.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: You can also make bluffs and bets on GTA San Andreas by RockStar Games, which had brought gambling to open sandbox games before even RDR was released. You can specifically indulge in casino games because the in-game casino establishments are more than just checkpoints. It is stocked with many gambling mini-games for the kiddies and children at heart to indulge in, like slot machines, roulette, video poker, blackjack, and the wheel of fortune. You are even given the choice to borrow money from the casino.
The Sims 3: The Sims by Electronic Arts is a title that is supposed to simulate real life, so it makes perfect sense that it would also simulate gambling in-game. The third sequel of the main Sims series allows you to go to The Lucky Simoleon Casino in order to wager various virtual moneys for bets on a multitude of gambling games. You can have fun in the blackjack table or try out various slot machines along with the roulette and poker tables. However, unlike with RDR and GTA, The Sims 3 gambling mini-games aren’t as deep and engaging. They are more like really short mini-games.
Break From The Mundane
Online poker players have a reputation of spending hours on end in front of multiple computer screens as they try to play as many tables as possible and increase their bankroll. This can often prove to be very stressful in the long run and cause them to burn out.
One way for poker players to relax themselves is to check out these poker related video games which allow them to have some fun and get a much needed break from real money online poker games.

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