With plenty of online poker sites cropping up these days all promising a safe and fun platform for players, it can be a daunting task to choose which poker site will actually work best for you.
However, you can filter out your options by finding out whether the site or the poker app offers the games you want to play, allows you to connect with fellow players, and, if you’re into real-money games, check if it is duly licensed and operates within a set of regulations and standards. Only then can you guarantee that your entire online poker experience is legal and secure.
We have found a new player in the market that fits all the criteria above. Ever heard of Pokio? Pokio started just over a year ago but it already attracted quite a significant attention from the online poker community. Here’s why:
Pokio Main Offerings
Pokio is duly authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority, and is available in several countries worldwide. It offers an exciting selection of popular poker variants such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and pioneered some of the hottest poker games today, including the extremely challenging Drawmaha otherwise known as Sviten Special.
Drawmaha is a cross between five-card draw and pot-limit Omaha, with the pot being split between the best Omaha hand and the best five-card hand. A lot of players like this new variant as it is a high-action game that requires aggression. Open Face Chinese (OFC) and five-card PLO are also among Pokio’s offerings; these games are not always available in other online poker sites.
Data Protection & Real Money Transactions
Pokio also provides players with a safe, secure and private platform to deposit and withdraw their head earned money. The poker app makes sure player data is verified and stored into their database, with strict protocols in place. Moreover, the people tasked to take care of relevant player info are audited and monitored on a regular basis. The site implements restrictive access controls and has put in place a confidentiality agreement so that player data are properly protected.
Pokio operates a centralized banking system with lots of deposit and withdrawal options for players. Prior to any transactions, players are required to verify their accounts for security purposes.
The site’s games are powered by a random number generation system to ensure fairness for all players. More importantly, Pokio has also put in place responsible gaming measures to protect players from gambling issues and any further risks associated with excessive gambling.
Pokio’s random security checks also help in spotting potential collusion and other unscrupulous practices, therefore maintaining integrity in every game. Players who are caught involved in any form of deception will have their accounts closed permanently.
Social Poker
Another unique feature of Pokio is that it enables players to build their own clubs at the site, where they can run exciting promotions. Through these clubs, players may invite their friends to play real money games with the use of social sharing features. Club owners get the opportunity to not only enjoy and have fun, but also earn revenue according to the gameplay of the club members.
Members can take advantage of attractive promotions, and are able to connect with fellow poker players and enthusiasts.
Play With An Online Poker Legend
One of the many players who have formed their own clubs with Pokio is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom who is among the best online poker players in the world. He started making a name for himself by taking part and winning in high-stakes online games at the now-defunct Full Tilt Poker.
Viktor Blom made headlines when he managed to amass $6 million in a span of six weeks. But he also holds the record for the biggest loss in online poker, after burning through $4.2 million in just five hours in a match against Brian Hastings. Blom went on to win more huge tournaments, both live and online. He did not rest on his laurels and instead worked to improve his skills in tournaments and cash games.
At Pokio, you will get the chance to play with an online poker legend by joining Blom’s own club.

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