PokerTrillion, one of the poker rooms on Boss Media’s International Poker Network (IPN,) will have a new home on Friday.On April 25, it will migrate to the Everleaf Gaming Network, a tiny poker network, despite the fact that it accepts U.S. Customers.

"It was essential that we joined a poker network that mirrored our enthusiasm and competitiveness streak as well as offering outstanding software," said PokerTrillion’s CEO, Andy Pyrah.

The move was prompted by some major problems that PokerTrillion had with Boss Media, resulting in a lawsuit which PokerTrillion filed last week.Pyrah explained the lawsuit by saying, "Owing to the massive irregularities surrounding Boss Media and their handling of, this led to a number of contractual issues that in turn has led to us making some extremely exciting and important developments in the way in which we operate our business."

PokerTrillion struck a blow to Boss Media by having a freezing order placed on all bank accounts (spread across seven Maltese banks) of Boss Holdings Limited and Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd.The lawsuit is for 45 million Euro and alleges fraudulent and potentially criminal activities by Boss Media employees, possibly including management.

In a statement, the poker room went so far as to say that if Boss Media actually does the proper thing and discloses its wrongdoings to the Stockholm Stock Exchange (where the company is listed), then its stock price will crash and its officers may be arrested.

PokerTrillion has assured its customers that their money is 100% safe, even if the funds of players on other IPN sites may be in jeopardy because of the lawsuit and freezing order.

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