Speaking at an interview with PokerNews, female poker player Kristalina Steininger said that literally everything she does is poker.

Although she calls herself a “degenerate poker freak,” it makes her qualified to become a community manager for PokerStars Women, a job that requires her to keep the followers of PokerStars Women informed about the latest happenings in women’s poker. She also holds the responsibility of making sure that the site’s followers’ interest in poker remains fresh.

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Steininger says that female poker players such as Adrienne Rowsome and Vanessa Selbst inspired her a lot and that getting a job as the community manager for PokerStars Women is her “crowning achievement.”

Describing her job, she says that it is an “all the time job,” definitely not the type of job for someone who wants to stick to the nine-to-five hours. Showing her iPhone, she says, “As long as I have this, then I’m working.”

When asked how one can get a job like the community manager of PokerStars Women, she said, “I had a digital marketing and social media background through working for the MGM Casino, and I’m a female who plays poker, so when this position came up I told them they didn’t have to look any further. But I live and breathe social media, so I love it.”

The job also requires a passion for poker, which Steininger says is both “a blessing and a curse” in her case. She is also required to travel a lot although it is not fun all the time. Speaking about what she does on a daily basis, she said that she is trying to create “a really cool community for women.” She is also required to market the game while simultaneously creating a safe place for potential female poker players.

She says that she loves her job for giving her the creative expression and freedom she likes. She said: “I once read that when you’re passionate about your work it’s no longer job, and I truly feel that way. I’m a poker journalist, but in 140 characters. I get to do my homework on who is doing what and these female wins.”

Advising aspiring female poker players, she says that they ought to stick to what they are passionate about and refuse to accept defeat. She also warns that poker is still a male-dominated field and that the path is not that easy.

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