Every year, the Great Place to Work institute carefully audits over 5,500 organizations around the globe for their working environment, and this year the committee announced PokerStars as one of the Best Places to work in the UK.
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PokerStars is a household name when it comes to the virtual poker world. The company has a total of 1,200 employees spread over London and the Isle of Man. The Great Place to Work institute judged the company based on its Respect, Pride, Credibility and Camaraderie among the fair few. A vast majority of staff working in PokerStars was extremely pleased with their employer and was designated by few as the ‘coolest’ places to work. When asked what factors lead the employees to believe that PokerStars was an ideal work environment, many attributed this to the Growth factor, Employee Benefits, Rewards and an opportunity to for develop their working skills. The company also maintains a diverse work force, a plus factor.
On winning the prestigious award, Lynn Hunter the Director of Human Resources at PokerStars said that, “This is the first time we’ve participated in the Great Place to Work survey, so it’s especially gratifying to know that our efforts are contributing to the success of our business, and that employees consider PokerStars to be a Great Place to Work.” Lynn further added that the company’s ongoing employment strategy involved hiring a diverse work force, a matter that has added further value to the company.
Poker is a game with growing fans from around the globe, and so as a fast growing company it is vital to attract new employees and to retain them; a mantra the company takes pride in ensuring. PokerStars launched on a humble note on September 11, 2001, and has since grown to become a multi-million dollar global empire. The company, with its 49 million registered members globally and an additional 25,000 online gamers logged in per time frame; has helped achieving the name it has today owing to its high standards. Over the last decade the company has surpassed its own records, latest of them to be broken being the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker. The SCOOP festival has earned the name of being the biggest ever online poker festival in history with over 50,000 players and $65 million in prize money.
Although The Great Place to Work decides its winners based on a number of criteria; they believe a company is truly the best place to work in if the employees say it is.

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