PokerStars, the biggest online poker room in the world, announced that it will refund all the international poker players of Full Tilt Poker and that it will re-launch Full Tilt Poker for the European market early in November.

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PokerStars has initiated several procedures to help Full Tilt Poker’s non US players to withdraw their funds. PokerStars says that Full Tilt Poker’s old customers in Estonia, Belgium, France, Spain, and Denmark will have to pair their old Full Tilt Poker account with a new PokerStars account so that they can either withdraw their funds or use them on PokerStars.

The situation with Italy, however, is a bit different as PokerStars is negotiating with the lawmakers in Italy to find out an ideal way to help Full Tilt Poker’s Italian players withdraw their funds.

Full Tilt Poker’s old players in other countries can simply log into their accounts as usual when it is re-launched in November and either continue playing or withdraw their funds. US players will be refunded by the US Department of Justice (DoJ).

PokerStars recently signed a deal with the US government, according to the terms of which PokerStars acquired the Full Tilt Poker brand and assets for $731 million, of which $184 million will be used to repay non US players. Part of the $547 million, which was paid to the US government, will be used to refund Full Tilt Poker’s US players. However, the US government has still not developed a procedure via which US players can claim their money.

In August, shortly after PokerStars acquired Full Tilt Poker, the DoJ advertised for a claims administrator to process claims for Full Tilt Poker players.

Meanwhile, Shyam Markus, room manager for Full Tilt Poker, has been answering queries on Two Plus Two forums regarding the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker. According to Markus, no changes will be made to Full Tilt Poker’s software, games, servers, and so on although the ownership and management have changed. However, player deposits will be maintained in separate funds and not mixed with operational funds, as Full Tilt Poker had done before the crackdown.

Markus has assured Full Tilt Poker’s old players that the customer support will help them in all ways possible if they cannot remember their login details such as user name and password. He said that the Full Tilt Poker team has devised a process to help players deal with such issues.

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