PokerStars recently announced that it has launched a new heads-up poker app called DUEL. This new gaming app is yet another attempt by the company to attract new players to the game. Specifically designed for smartphones, the app is based on the game of Texas no-limit hold’em.

DUEL offers a new innovation, asynchronous play in its game by which players can stop at any point in time and pick up later without losing the game.  PokerStars hopes to appeal to the busy, time-starved audiences of today with this new feature.

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In a statement, PokerStars said, “This strategy includes serving people who want a form of poker that fits into their busy lifestyle: players who want to be able to challenge friends at their convenience, in addition to traditional forms of poker which might require longer periods of time to play.”

The improved flexibility has been aimed at expanding the appeal of poker to those who want to play games at their own pace. The game therefore offers time bank in terms of days and hours rather than the traditional seconds.

Another key feature of DUEL is that it has been designed to be social in its interaction. Like many other successful app games such as Words With Friends, it offers the option of playing with friends. Players can use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to challenge their friends to a game by sharing a link. It also enables sharing of game statistics like win/loss stats via social media.

The app is currently in beta-testing phase and is being released only in Norway to kick start things. A worldwide release is planned over the next few months depending on the response and feedback to its Norway launch. The company has confirmed that selected Team PokerStars Pros have had an opportunity to preview the app exclusively.

One of them, Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champ said that he liked the fact that it made it so easy to play poker. He stated that the game represented the depth of poker which he is accustomed to and prefers, adding that it fit easily into his hectic lifestyle as the game could be picked up and also put down at one’s own convenience.

DUEL will provide players a chance to play against PokerStars sponsored pros like Chris Moneymaker or Daniel Negreanu which definitely will be a big draw for many players. The game can be played for real-money in locations where online gambling is legalized. For others, the app hopes to offer a fun way to play poker. PokerStars ultimately expects to attract more recreational players to the game of poker with this new DUEL app.