PokerStars has launched a fresh marketing campaign that lays out its new vision for the future. In a new TV ad which bears the name “I’M IN”, the company promotes all of its gaming products which include poker, sports betting, and casino, as part of a global brand positioning campaign that aims to make it a premier destination for people who love fun, challenges, and adventure.
For many years, the PokerStars brand has been well-known for its online poker offering, with some of the game’s biggest names donning the red spade logo, including Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker, during major tournaments around the world. The company has put in tremendous hard work, effort and investment to become what it is right now – the biggest online poker site in the world.
During the lockdown period, the platform enjoyed a massive surge in traffic as people went on home quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. While restrictions have since been eased worldwide, figures have remained strong at the virtual felts and things are expected to be this way until at least the end of 2020. PokerStars’ major tournaments in various markets have also continued to smash guarantees, drawing record numbers.
PokerStars Sets New Vision With I’M IN Campaign
Now, as it looks forward to the future with a new strategic vision and roadmap, its main goal is to step out of its comfort zone and ultimately become an entertainment giant while still upholding the values and principles that have made a huge contribution to its continuous growth over the years. PokerStars is taking the first step towards fulfilling that goal by launching the IM IN campaign.
The TV ad runs for around 60 seconds, showing short visual preferences to the company’s poker, sports, and casino products. Shot in black and white, the advert entices audiences to be in and be ready for whatever outcome as they embark on an exciting journey filled with infinite possibilities. The cinematic scenes are accompanied by a fast-paced music score.
The new campaign will initially be rolled out across key EU markets like Spain, Portugal, France, and Germany, as well as the UK and Canada. It is expected to be launched in other markets soon.
Along with the IM IN campaign, the company’s first-ever responsible gaming-dedicated ad will also make a debut in the coming months in major territories. The ad will focus on PokerStars’ efforts in creating a safer gaming environment for players, including the tool, features, and measures it’s been putting in place to ensure utmost protection for everyone playing at the platform.
Working With Marketing Firm Anomaly 
The multi-channel global ad campaign was crafted in partnership with Anomaly, an international marketing agency. The firm secured a deal with PokerStars’ parent company The Stars Group in May 2019, tasked to lead its global marketing efforts. The new ad was made after months of research and gaining a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, according to PokerStars Public Relations Associate Director Rebecca McAdam Willetts.
Willetts said the I’M IN campaign is just the beginning of a new chapter for PokerStars. Moving forward, the company will continue to look for ways to strengthen its community and take online gaming to the next level. The ad will also be disseminated in the form of digital marketing, print, social and PR.
PokerStars’ marketing decisions weren’t just made in the blink of an eye. The team conducted thorough market research on what more they can offer, how to boost their services, and how they can improve the overall gaming experience of its customers.
Commenting on the masterbrand launch, PokerStars’ global director of brand, creative and communications Martin Nieri said their latest branding approach was inspired by the existing community that the company currently serves, which is composed of fun-loving individuals. Nieri said they’d love to see this community grow by attracting new audiences who want to try out different games and enjoy exciting content across multiple niches.

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