PokerStars is no small fry in the poker industry and is one of the biggest online poker rooms in the world. However, according to recent news reports, the PokerStars site is having a lot of trouble with the poker data mining site – Poker Table Ratings.
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PokerStars has decided to act on its player queries and is looking to satisfy its members. “Our players have consistently expressed their concern about third-parties accessing and making public individual player data without explicit player permission,” stated Lee Jones, the Head of PokerStars’ Home Games sector.
Despite repeated warnings and requests to the Poker Table Ratings site to stop taking data from the players at PokerStars, PTR did not budge. PokerStars claimed that the site was overstepping its property rights, violating its services policy and upsetting its poker players. According to Jones, “We believe that a poker player shouldn’t have information and data about his opponents except from hands he’s actually played. This is particularly important to protect new and/or weak players, who often don’t even know that they’re sitting in their opponents’ cross-hairs.
Jones also mentioned that they were planning on taking strong legal action against the Poker Table Ratings site and had sent a “cease and desist” letter to the site. And, although PTR did not show any interest, the Internet Service Provider supporting Poker Table Ratings agreed to take down the site and did not host it anymore. PTR did not let this stop them and found another Internet Service Provider and were back online soon.
“They’ve basically countered every technique we’ve used, and again, we’re reluctant to take more drastic steps, which would affect the legitimate player’s experience,” Jones commented on the matter.
“The Internet Service Provider currently used by Poker Table Ratings, the largest supplier of such data, complied with our cease and desist request and is no longer hosting the PTR site,” he added
However, on receiving absolutely no reply or acknowledgement of the letter from the PTR site, and noting that Poker Table Ratings was continuing to host poker player data regarding their table statistics, wins and losses and table limits, Lee Jones and PokerStars had decided to play hard ball with the site and show that they were in fact very serious.
“We’ve been at this for two or three years — this is not a new effort. We will have their new ISP take them down again…We will make it extremely difficult for them to do business,” said the attorneys from the PokerStars case.

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