PokerStars, one of the leading online poker sites in existence today, recently announced a pioneering new offering that may just end up changing the face of online poker. The site has introduced a new section of home games that permits PokerStars members to set up a home game between their friends and play amongst themselves. The Home Games at will go a long way in bringing back that lost social element of poker.
Daniel Negreanu, one of Team PokerStars best known professional players, announced his support for the new offering saying, “Nothing like PokerStars Home Games has been offered before and it’s so easy to use. You have so many options when you open up your Poker Club and you can customize it anyway you want, just like you would in a home game with friends.”
As of now, the home games are only available as a free play offering on the site, meaning that players will not be able to win or lose any money here. However, it is expected that the games may soon complete the cross-over to as they are implemented into the main software. PokerStars’ Home Games have changed the venue and medium of the game itself but other than that the social aspect will remain the same. This option will allow players to host and play their private home games via the internet instead of at a friend’s place.
Meanwhile the poker community appears to be very excited about the home games and is waiting to get started. “I think this is so tight! Me and my buddies and I used to have them all the time, but then they just faded out due to where the game was, girlfriends, etc So, this is super cool because we can get that started again,” said TrueMetalMan, a forum poster from
Players will also be allowed to create poker clubs and customize your poker games. Players will be able to create their own leaderboards, game schedules, custom poker tables, and game templates. PokerStars is also running a promotion called the Ultimate Home Game, by which one lucky poker club will be allowed to have Jonathan Duhamel, Daniel Negreanu and a poker Star pro of their choice such as Liv Boeree at a real game, What’s more the players will be given travel expenses and a bankroll of $2000 and will be flown to an exotic location such as Austria, Vancouver, Macau and Buenos Aires for the Ultimate Home Game to take place.
The home games are unique and have not been offered by any other site as yet, although it is quite possible that many other poker sites will pick up on this trend if it proves to be a success on PokerStars.

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