An official statement issued by PokerStars on the occasion of its tenth birthday highlighted its efficient fund management system while simultaneously highlighting the inadequacies and foibles of Full Tilt Poker.

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The statement was published on PokerStars’ corporate blog, explaining its system of separating players’ funds from operational funds used for the daily maintenance of the online poker room. While the statement effectively conveyed the message that PokerStars does its best in providing a safe and secure online poker gaming environment for its customers, it also highlighted the inefficiency with which Full Tilt Poker dealt with players’ funds.

PokerStars stated that it functions as per the dictates of Isle of Man, which has issued PokerStars the license to provide online gaming services, and according to which, “any player owned funds (deposits and winnings) are ring-fenced from the operating funds of the company and held securely in segregated bank accounts.”

Since PokerStars followed this rule to the letter, it could emerge unscathed from the horrors of Black Friday, April 15, 2010, the day on which the US federal government cracked down on Absolute Poker, PokerStars, and Full Tilt Poker, seized their domain names, and arrested their chief executive officers on ground of illegal gambling, money laundering, and bank fraud. While Full Tilt Poker has not yet managed to refund its US players, PokerStars was quick to refund all its US customers. Full Tilt Poker players, on the other hand, can just hope that they will get back their poker funds, locked up within their Full Tilt Poker accounts, following the announcement of a possible acquisition of Full Tilt Poker by an investment company based in France.

PokerStars has also stated that the fund management is done every day and that the funds are carefully separated and locked. According to the statement, “Any risk associated with a disruption to the player fund system – caused by a delinquent payment processor, or a bankrupt bank, or a government action – is borne by PokerStars, because funds to cover such disruption would come out of our operating income, not player funds.”

PokerStars has not only emerged unscathed from the terrifying happenings of April 15 this year, but has also retained its reputation. The online poker room has refunded all its players, but has lost its share of the US market, in spite of which it successfully celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, as part of which it launched record-breaking online poker tournament.

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