PokerStars the leading online poker website in the world has managed to dominate the global poker market for a number of years because the company has been willing to experiment, innovate and take risks that few other iGaming operators have been willing to do. Not all of these changes in recent times have gone down well with the players but that has not stopped the Stars Group which is the parent company of PokerStars from continuing to roll out the changes.
Next Experiment Is New Game Called ‘Split Hold’em’
Texas Hold’em is by the far the most popular poker variant that is played across the world by millions of poker players. Poker pros from all over the world have gone accustomed to playing Texas Hold’em and are usually very opposed to any changes or modifications to Texas Hold’em.
PokerStars has decided to test the waters and push the bar by experimenting with the launch of a new game called ‘Split Hold’em’ which is a twist on the traditional Texas Hold’em game. This new online card game from PokerStars can be best summed up as double-board hold’em.
The game will operate similar to other double-board games where players will be dealt at appropriate times turns and rivers and two full flops. For a player to win the game, they will have to force all the other players to fold their hand before showdown or come up with a winning hand on both boards. If a player manages to show down another player on just one of the boards, then they will be eligible to take home half the pot.
PokerStars To Trial Split Hold’em
PokerStars is set to try out Split Hold’em and see how players react to the new game. The game is fairly easy to understand and regular Texas Hold’em players should not face any problems adapting to the new format. What is more important is to see how well the game is received and if players are willing to embrace the new game.
A post made on the PokerStars Blog gives players a little more information on what PokerStars is trying to do with Split Hold’em.
The blog post goes on to say “Split hold’em is an example of the new variants we’ve been working on at PokerStars. We think they provide engaging challenges and opportunities for players to test their wits in a fresh format that is new for everybody. Split hold’em has already provoked a lot of internal discussion around the best strategy, so we can’t wait to see how players adapt. You may know how to play 88 and AQ — but what about when you have two boards to consider?”
New Changes Look To Keep Poker Exciting
The popularity of poker has slowed down in the last few years as e-sports; daily fantasy sports and skill based games have gained more attention in the market. Poker operators have been forced to look for new ways to infuse life into poker and make the game more fast paced and entertaining.
During the last couple of years, poker tournament organizers have experimented by introducing shot clocks and big blind antes in an effort to speed up the game and make it more interesting to both players and fans. The big blind ante has been one of the strategies that has gone down well with the global poker community and a number of poker rooms and organizers have adopted big blind antes.
The World Series of Poker decided to introduce big blind antes to two events at the 2018 WSOP. The Super High Roller Bowl and the Big One for One Drop events will have the big blind ante and based on the response, the WSOP might introduce the big blind ante to multiple events in 2019. PokerStars has also decided to use big blind antes at its live poker tournaments this year.
The online poker giant has gone a step further by launching ‘Split Hold’em’. PokerStars will be keeping a close watch on the response to the new game and overall player feedback. There is no indication as of now as to how long PokerStars will trial the new game.

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