Many online poker players have protested in the past of the use of seated scripts which allows players using these seated scripts to have an unfair advantage over the rest of the players present at the online poker tables. PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world has decided to set an example by banning seated scripts from March 4.
The online poker room has also confirmed that it will limit the usage of hand range charts from March 4. These policy changes are being carried out in order to ensure that PokerStars provides a safe and fair gaming environment to its players and keeps the playing field even. These changes will be applicable across all online poker variants and will be rolled out across all markets that PokerStars operates in.
Just Focus On Being A Better Player
Severin Rasset, who is the director of innovation and poker operations for PokerStars shared his thoughts via the PokerStars blog on why the new changes were being rolled out. Rasset says that it is time for poker players to stop depending on artificial tools to have an edge over the competition. He encouraged poker players to start working on their own game so that it is their human skills which determine the final outcome at the tables.
The online poker market has become exceptionally competitive in recent years as poker players from all over the world try to leverage whatever software tools they can use to gain an edge over the rest of the playing field. A number of poker players are going to be hindered by the new changes which come into effect from March 4.
What Exactly Are Seated Scripts?
If you are a new to online poker or are not very tech savvy, then you could be playing at an online poker room such as PokerStars and not be aware that other players at your table are using a seated script.
A seated script is an automated third party program that a player uses to analyse the players who are seated at the different online poker tables available. The script then finds the poker table which has the weakest poker players available and seats the player who is running the script at this table. This is possible as the software script goes through available game play.
So the player using the script starts his game with an unfair advantage because the script has ensured he is seated at a table which has poker players who are generally weaker than him. It makes winning at online poker a lot easier!
Seated Scripts Now Banned Completely
PokerStars decided to put an end to seated scripts back in 2017 by using a program known as ‘Seat Me’. However, the online poker giant decided to have a trial and implemented it only for its Southern European poker markets. PokerStars Spain was the testing ground and the ‘Seat Me’ script worked fine as it prevented third party seated scripts from being used.
PokerStars then decided to roll it out across other EU markets in 2018 which included the shared liquidity markets of France, Spain and Portugal. Now, the ‘Seat Me’ feature will be rolled out for all locations where PokerStars operates.
Restricted Use Of Reference Materials
PokerStars has also issued a ban on automated and semi-automated reference materials which players end up using while the online poker software is running. This ban will also come into play from March 4. PokerStars has made it very clear via its blog as to what materials will be banned while the poker client is open to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The online poker room released an in-depth PDF file which can be downloaded as well.
There are some poker players who are not very certain as to how PokerStars will be able to implement such a restriction on players from all over the world. However, Severin Rasset said that the online poker room had considered all of the challenges and will be prepared to address them once these changes come into effect.
PokerStars will still allow players to use tools like Hotkey and Macro programs,in-game HUDs and pot odd tools. To find a full list of tools prohibited and allowed, do check out the PDF file.

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