Three weeks back, PokerStars launched a lottery Sit N Go game called Spin & Go, which it had previously launched on its .fr, .es, and .it sites. Although they are very popular, grinders do not like them as they draw traffic away from the cash games.

Those who play poker for a living have complained that they will find it difficult to achieve the Supernova Elite level as Spin N Go’s are driving player traffic away from the cash games. They also feel that the rake is too high for games that do not last longer than a few minutes. Professional players will find it difficult to make a living out of Spin N Gos as they feature a combination of hyper-turbo and three-handed formats and fluctuating prize pools. In addition, it is very difficult to detect collusion at these tables.

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Professional players also feel that Spin N Go’s appeal more to recreational players and will therefore pull a lot of fish away from the cash games, making it difficult for them to make a living. A Supernova Elite player also petitioned to the online poker room to cancel Spin N Go’s.

PokerStars is well aware of all this criticism leveled at its Spin N Go’s. Recently, the ring game manager for PokerStars, who posts under the moniker “Baard” at Two Plus Two Forums, responded to these criticisms. He said that Spin N Go’s should not prevent any player from achieving VPP levels since just three months are left of the year. He said: “There are still a lot of games running, and if you have kept somewhat on pace, this launch is unlikely to prevent you from reaching your target. Of course, if you are far behind pace, you may see things a bit differently, but in that case, you were vulnerable to any unforeseen event in your life.”

He also said that PokerStars launched Spin N Go’s because they were attracting “tens of thousands of new and previously inactive players to the site.” Pointing out that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new customers, he said that PokerStars cannot just cancel a new product that is attracting a wide range of new players even though that product is upsetting the regulars. He argued that the games at PokerStars would have been more filled with regulars and not running as well as they are running now if Spin N Go’s were not introduced.

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