The European Poker Tour (EPT) has completed ten years, and PokerStars decided to celebrate this fact by releasing a 300-page book based on the coffee-table style and awarding it to all the winners of the EPT’s 11th season as well as its best online poker players.

According to a post on the PokerStars Blog, the new book “draws upon a collection of stories, quotes, and features from the tour’s first 10 seasons, as well as some breath-taking photography that brings the world of high-stakes poker to life. They are images that have transformed the perception of poker, with the EPT becoming poker’s most democratic institution, open to anyone with a few dollars in their account and the will to take on the best in the game.”

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It is a hard-bound book that familiarizes readers with the EPT’s 10-year-old story, right from the day Jon Duthie, the chief executive officer of the EPT, had an intuition, to the day the EPT evolved into one of the most popular and successful poker events in the European online poker industry.

Stephen Bartley of PokerStars writes that the book relates the story of the EPT, right “from its watery inception” to its earliest seasons and the records it has broken over and over again. The book also talks about EPT champions, whose stories now form an inseparable part of the poker world. He said that the book mostly “celebrates the people behind the tour, the staff, the players and the fans, each of whom has helped made the EPT the success story that it is.”

PokerStars is going to award the book to a selected few, which means that the public is not going to get its hand on it. The operator wants it to be an exclusive gift for some its top players.

Those who want a copy of this book can try getting hold of it in any one of two ways. First, they can win one of the main events of the 11th season of the EPT. Second, they can purchase a copy from the PokerStars VIP store with their Frequent Player Points (FPP). PokerStars is going to make the book available from the middle of December.

There is yet another way to grab a copy as PokerStars has announced that it will give a copy away to the winners of a special competition, which will be held as part of the EPT Live Show.

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