Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT), the French investment company, is not going to acquire Full Tilt Poker after all; instead, PokerStars is showing an interest in acquiring the beleaguered online poker room.
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According to a G-poker report, the deal between the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Full Tilt Poker, and Groupe Bernard Tapie just did not work out. Both GBT and Full Tilt Poker have issued official statements to the effect that the deal has failed and that GBT will not be acquiring FTP after all. Behnam Dayanim, the legal representative for GBT, said that PokerStars is already holding talks with DoJ with regard to the acquisition of Full Tilt Poker.
Jeremy Taylor, a spokesman for G-Poker, said: “Although we like the idea of rescuing Full Tilt Poker, nobody will celebrate this news. We’ve already gotten our hopes up about Full Tilt being rescued many times this past year, and for one reason – players want to withdraw their money from their Full Tilt Poker accounts. Since April of last year, most of our readers successfully created accounts at reliable poker sites like 888 Poker and Party Poker. We’ve been getting very positive feedback about these sites since we began recommending them – many people weren’t aware that these sites can offer a better poker experience.”
Further explaining why G-Poker recommends 888 Poker for Canadian online poker players, Taylor said that 888 Poker enjoys a great deal of popularity in the Canadian online poker community. 888 Poker was the first to gain the benefits of the US federal government crackdown on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars; moreover, 888 Poker is ideal for Canadian poker players as it has successfully maintained a reputation clean from legal issues and has won a large number of prestigious rewards.
G-Poker also recommends Party Poker as a great online poker venue for Canadian players. According to Taylor, Party Poker has also maintained an excellent reputation, providing a secure poker gaming atmosphere for hundreds and thousands of poker players worldwide. Taylor said, “Like 888, it’s backed by a publicly traded company and is therefore obligated to disclose all the financial information that other privately owned poker sites managed to keep hidden until recently. Players value this transparency in the post-Black Friday world.”
Taylor also commented that while several players are waiting for PokerStars to acquire Full Tilt Poker, it will be a long time before the online poker room can regain its lost reputation.

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