Matt Glantz, a professional poker player who was formerly a financial trader, has predicted that PokerStars might not acquire Full Tilt Poker after all.

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Early in 2012, Glantz made a prediction that came true. He said that Groupe Bernard Tapie will not acquire Full Tilt Poker, and the French investment company did back out of the deal. However, when Glantz made the prediction, he was attacked for being pessimistic.

As Glantz says, “Some FTP shareholders told me “to keep your mouth shut; you don’t know what you are talking about; you are bad for poker; Tapie is the real thing—it’s a done deal.” Well, several weeks later, as expected, the Tapie illusion began to unravel publicly.”

A few months later, the Pennsylvania-based professional poker player began predicting that there are major obstacles preventing the possible acquisition of Full Tilt Poker by PokerStars. In his article on the subject, which has been published in Cardplayer, Glantz has voiced his opinion that that US Department of Justice (DoJ) will not accept PokerStars’ demand to permit them to offer online poker legally in the US because PokerStars will be a tough competitor for Caesars and, naturally, DoJ would be eager to keep all the competition out.

He explains, “Caesars is obviously prepared for this future and they can plainly see the difference between a PokerStars involved U.S. online market and a non-PokerStars U.S. online market. One is which Caesars would surely dominate.”

Even if the DoJ permits PokerStars to run its online poker business legally in the US, it has no power to force individual US states to allow PokerStars to operate in their territories. Glantz concludes his Cardplayer article saying that all the shareholders of Full Tilt Poker who had criticized him fiercely for predicting that the acquisition deal between Full Tilt Poker and Groupe Bernard Tapie will collapse are now no longer part of the picture and, therefore, do not have anything useful to say.

Glantz also says in his Cardplayer article that a major shareholder of Full Tilt Poker had told him at the time he was writing this article that “it is a done deal with PokerStars and was supposed to be completed last week, but had to be pushed back.” Glantz also voices his opinion that he hopes the shareholder is right, but has reasons to believe otherwise. In other words, Glantz feels that “it is only hope and nothing else.”

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