PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world announced changes to the payout structure for its European Poker Tour (EPT) in August. The online poker giant decided to raise its payout structures to 20 percent of the playing field with minimum cashes being between 1 to 1.2 of the original buy-in fee. PokerStars came up with these changes as the company felt that only the top poker players were cashing out at their events and wanted to make the playing field more even by increasing the payout fee.

These changes were expected to bring in more recreational poker players into the tour as they would have a chance to win and use the money as buy-in fees for more events. The changes did not go down well with players as many felt they would be getting lesser money for their wins due to the higher payout percentage. Now PokerStars appears to have taken this feedback seriously and recently announced that they had decided to lower their payout structure.

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PokerStars confirmed that for the EPT Malta and EPT Prague stops where the buy-ins are fixed at €10,000 or more, the payout percentage will revert to the old 12 to 15 percent. Events with lower buy-ins will remain at the new 20 percent payout and the minimum cashes will be fixed at 1.5 of the original buy-in fee.

In a PokerStars blog post, Neil Johnson, PokerStars Head of Live Poker Operations said “We’re very passionate about creating a player experience that players look forward to coming back to again and again and making our events the best that they can be. We’d like to think that we’ve got a lot more things right than not, and we’re proud to say that we will keep trying new things and pushing boundaries. It’s not always an easy balance to maintain when you’re weighing up data, planning the next event, playing with new ideas and trying to factor all that against how we think you, the player, will like it.”

The poker industry standard was fixed at 10 percent for a number of years but a number of poker operators decided to increase the percentage due to the growth in the global poker market. PokerStars has asked its players to continue to send in their feedback and concerns to as it will enable them to continue to tweak their changes and offer them the best player experience possible.

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