Located in London, PokerStars’ new Live Lounge is located as a part of the Hippodrome Casino. Having opened earlier this month, this is, without a doubt, one of the largest (if not the largest) casino in all of the UK. Finally, PokerStars, which was once an entirely online entity, will now have it’s own brick and mortar gambling location on UK soil.

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The sky will truly be the limit for this ambitious poker company, as they are planning to host numerous live tournaments and special events that will be promoted to its ridiculously large global market share totaling over 50 million players across the globe.

In an agreement, PokerStars will provide online resources for the Hippodrome’s website as well as staking out plans to contribute to an online poker room inside the actual physical casino at the Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome has recently undergone aesthetic improvements to the tune of £40m, which is no small sum. With three separate floors for table games as well as 5 bars and a cabaret theatre to name just a few of its overall amenities, the Hippodrome is a fitting site for the largest online poker card room in the world.

The Hippodrome is located near Leicester Square and the hew PokerStars Live Lounge will be open twenty four hours seven days per week. As of now, the room specializes in low to mid-stakes gameplay, which will keep high stakes players searching elsewhere. Players are reporting that, unlike many casino environments, the Live Lounge has a fun and playful atmosphere where players can enjoy the game without too much of an overly serious vibe.

In accordance with initial offerings by the Rational Group (owner of PokerStars), the Hippodrome also officially opened its own online poker room, courtesy of Microgaming and powered by Betwin. The site looks like online poker luxury, with dark reds and blacks, giving it a true upscale feel. The site offers a whole host of casino games from poker and video poker to blackjack and roulette, amongst others.

The Hippodrome, since its inception in 1900, has been the source of quality acts. While these were originally performers and entertainers, the location is continuing its tradition of quality by providing only the highest quality poker and table games, which could largely explain why a high profile company like Rational Group (PokerStars) was interested in becoming a part of it.

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