Finally, something for the little guy. Throughout the month of July, PokerStars will be running a promotion that benefits ultra-low stakes players, rather than its highest raking customers, which is the case for most promos at most online poker rooms. The promotion, called “MicroMania,” will give micro stakes customers a chance to earn some extra money and will give them an extra boost on their way up the VIP ladder.
For cash game players, the world’s largest online poker room will be doling out VIP Player Points (VPPs) at an accelerated rate. Normally, at tables with 8 or more seats, 6 VPPs are awarded to the table for every $1 taken in rake. Those VPPs are then divided equally amongst the players who were dealt cards in the hand. At tables with 7 or fewer
seats (and it does not matter how many seats are actually occupied by players), 5.5 VPPs are distributed for every $1 in rake.
Now, with the MicroMania promotion, the 10 VPPs will be awarded for every $1 in rake, regardless of the size of the table. Of course, since it is a “Micro” promotion, not all tables get this VPP injection. The only eligible tables are No-Limit and Pot-Limit cash games up through $0.05/$0.10 and Fixed-Limit games through $0.10/$0.20 (maybe it
should be called “Nano” Mania).
Games played in Euros will have their VPP rate increased to 12.5, rather than the 8 or 8.5 it is normally.
Remember, any VPPs earned at these new rates count just like any other VPPs, so they can help players earn bonuses and Frequent Player Points (FPPs) that much faster.
That’s it for the VPP benefits, but tournament players aren’t left holding the bag. For Sit-and-Go players, there are special MicroMania $1.10 Sit-and-Go tourneys throughout July. They are 50-player tourneys and play just like any Sit-and-Go would, but there is a bonus. For all of the MicroMania Sit-and-Go’s, there will be a $100,000 collective prize pool in addition to the normal payouts. After the promotion ends, that prize pool will be divided equally amongst all of the Sit-and-Go winners.
PokerStars says that each player is only eligible for one share of the bonus prize pool, so it appears that if, say, there were 10,000 Sit-and-Go’s played and one player won twice, the $100,000 would be split 9,999 ways, rather than 10,000. The promo only counts the number of “winners,” not the number of “wins.”
Those who enjoy multi-table tournaments will be happy to hear that PokerStars will be running four $1.10 No-Limit Hold’em tournaments every day during July, each with $1,000 added to the prize pool. Additionally, every Sunday this month, the poker room will hold a special $1.10 tournament with a standard prize pool, but with the bonus of a
big land-based tourney prize package for the winner. Here is the lineup of the special event tourneys, each of which starts at 2:20pm ET:

  • July 4 – LAPT Florianopolis
  • July 11 – NAPT Los Angeles
  • July 18 – EPT London
  • July 25 – WCOOP Main Event

There is no opt-in or special signup for the MicroMania promotion, so players can get going right away.

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