PokerStars has already established itself as the world’s largest online poker website and shows no sign of slowing down. According to their website’s blog they had an astounding 150,000 visitors simultaneously logged into the site.

According to Brad “Otis” Willis, writer of the PokerStars blog, "The playing frenzy was evident in the big Sunday tournaments at PokerStars. The quarterly $1,050 buy-in Sunday Million drew more than 1,800 players to compete for a $1.8 million prize pool."

Last week reported that PokerStars had set another new record when, on December 27th, PokerStars had over 20,000 real-money players logged on at the same time. Amazingly, that record was almost immediately overtaken when only a few days later the site reported that they had 22,293 players online simultaneously playing real-money poker.

Ever since the departure of Party Poker and Pacific Poker from the US market due to new legislation passed by the United States Congress, PokerStars has truly thrived because of their decision to continue accepting US accounts. Before Congress decided to ban all forms of online gambling, except for horse and dog racing, the United States’ poker players made up half of the $15 billion dollar online gaming industry.

Certainly many representatives in the United States Congress have yet to see the folly in banning online gaming, especially considering games like poker are based on skill instead of chance. Fortunately online gaming websites such as PokerStars have not forgotten about the millions of poker players who still live in the United States and want to test their skills in an online arena. PokerStars is obviously being rewarded handsomely for their perseverance in providing gaming opportunities for American players.

Hopefully soon the United States will legalize online gambling again for the very people who put them in office and realize that the massive concessions they have made to over half a dozen countries because of their absurd legislation is not worth the moral integrity they falsely believe they have been protecting.

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