PokerStars, the largest online poker room in the world, is now gearing up for its 75 billionth hand. As loyal players at PokerStars already know, the online poker room is on an exciting journey along the “Road to 100 Billion.”

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On the occasion of its tenth birthday, which was celebrated grandly with innumerable lucrative tournaments, including a tournament that was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest player field ever, the online poker room completed its 70 billionth hand and 72 billionth hand.

PokerStars is now getting ready for more celebrations. The milestone 75 billionth hand will be dealt anytime during the next two weeks, and the prize pool associated with it is a staggering $1 million.

To grab their share of the prize money, players need to be playing at the table that deals the millionth hand. If they win this lucky hand, they will win several thousands of dollars. If they are lucky enough to play the 75 billionth hand, they will win a minimum of $20k just for being there. Right now, PokerStars has already completed 74,797,598,578 hands.

Interested players must visit PokerStars to read some great tips on increasing their chances of being dealt this historic hand. Players must first learn how to play at multiple tables because the more multi tabling they do, the more their chances of being dealt the milestone hand.

Players should also make it a point to play for longer hours because the prize amount they win depends on the number of VIP Player Points or VPPs they earn in the login session during which the milestone hand is played. If players spend a lot of time at the table, they will have earned more VPPs and contributed more to the pot. By grabbing their table position long before PokerStars deals its milestone hand, they will be getting a chance to collect more VPP points, and if they are dealt a milestone hand under these circumstances, they will get a larger prize amount. PokerStars also urges its players to play action-packed poker variants such as Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Hold’em to collect more VPPs.

Putting it simply, players interested in being part of a milestone hand at PokerStars need to be logged into their PokerStars account and playing at a poker table.

Home to grand promotions, large prize pools, and generous bonuses, PokerStars attracts innumerable poker players regularly.

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