The football world is currently tuned into the UEFA European Football Championship 2021 which started on June 11 and will run till July 11. Euro 2020 is arguably the most exciting football tournament that will take place in 2021 and everyone is looking to capitalize on this football extravaganza including PokerStars.
PokerStars is running a special promotion called ‘Football Frenzy’ to allow poker players who are football fans to win up to $25,000. As many as 24 EU nations are taking part in Euro 2020 and a total of 51 games will be played across 11 European cities during the competition.
Football Frenzy Promo
PokerStars has designed its Football Frenzy promo based on the Euro 2020 competition as part of its Stars Reward promo. While players will be very keen to take part in this promo, Football Frenzy is open to players from all over the world. All you have to do is opt-in to the Football Frenzy promo and you will be eligible to take part.
How It Works
Once you opt-in, you will need to follow the instructions and complete your first Stars Rewards progress bar. You have the option of completing a Stars Rewards progress bar on a daily basis until June 23. After you complete each progress bar, you will be given a special chest that has within it the name of one of the 24 teams taking part in Euro 2020.
You will not be able to open this chest and find out which team you have. The chest will automatically open when the name of the country (that is within your chest) gets eliminated from Euro 2020.
In some ways, this resembles how a loot box works as you have no idea what is in the box and you are encouraged to keep completing more Stars Rewards progress bars to get more treasure boxes.
How Your Prize Is Determined  
When your chest gets unlocked and you find out what country you had, you will receive a prize based on three conditions. The first condition will take into consideration the stage of the tournament when your team was eliminated, the second will evaluate what was the overall expectations as to how your country would perform at Euro 2020 and the third condition is your current status in PokerStars loyalty program.
The biggest winners of Football Frenzy will receive up to $25,000. Everyone will receive some prize as the lowest prize will see players get a ticket to a raffle which has up to $40,000 in prizes on offer.
How The Teams Are Grouped
The 24 teams taking part in Euro 2020 have been grouped into four categories by PokerStars. The highest category is Premium which consists of the top four teams which include France, Belgium, Portugal, England. These four teams are in the top list of betting favorites expected to win Euro 2020.
The second level is Good which consists of five teams such as Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Germany. The third level is Standard and consists of seven nations in Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland and Russia. The final level is the Outsides and they consist of all the other countries that have a very slim chance of winning Euro 2020.
The teams that belong to the Outsiders include the Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden and Wales. This is the first time that North Macedonia and Finland are taking part in a European championship.
Will You Take Part In Football Frenzy?
PokerStars has opened up this Football Frenzy promo to poker players around the world for a couple of reasons. Football is arguably the most popular game in the world and since PokerStars is present in numerous countries, it wanted to give all players who are football fans are chance to take part in this promo. However, players can also opt-in to the football frenzy promo even if they don’t know anything about Euro 2020 or football.
To find out more information about the Football Frenzy promo, check out the PokerStars website.

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