PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world continues to roll out changes in an effort to increase its market share across the globe and increase player satisfaction. The company recently decided to roll-out a trial experiment with its Beglium operations after deciding to eliminate its lowest stake games for Belgium players.

Poker players in Belgium currently play on a PokerStars dot-be domain due to the online poker legislation in the country. The dot-be domain does share international liquidity with players from other domains as well as the dot-com domain. The company implemented these changes from June 15 and went on to eliminate all $0.01/$0.02 games for Belgian poker players.

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However PokerStars did not communicate this to any of the Belgian players and a number of them were surprised when they found they could no longer find $0.01/$0.02 games on the site. Belgian online poker pro who uses the handle “kmeirlaen” got in touch with PokerStars support about the removal of these low stake games and posted the e-mail response from the company on the TwoPlusTwo Poker forum.

The e-mail from PokerStars said “We are indeed trialing the removal of $/€/£2.00 no-limit as well as $/€/£ 0.01/0.02 pot-limit and no-limit games in Belgium, since June 15. We frequently review the selection of ring games and tournaments within our lobby and monitor how that affects the overall playing experience, whether playing on smartphone, tablet or desktop. We experiment with all aspects of the game by trying out new challenges, promotions and types of poker; launching new online series, such as the MicroMillions; and sponsoring live poker festivals around the world.

PokerStars has continued to make a number of changes this year on the basis that these changes will continue to enhance the overall player experience. Earlier this year, the online poker giant made a number of changes to its VIP bonus and loyalty programs without clearly communicating the same to its players. The move upset a large number of players and some of them even decided to carry out a strike by deciding not to play on the PokerStars website.

The company has confirmed that this new change in Belgium’s online poker market is only a trial. If the company decides that the trial is successful, there is a strong possibility that similar changes might occur across a number of other PokerStars domain and maybe even the main dot-com website.

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