The global online poker market is a very competitive niche that ensures only the most resilient operators survive the test of time. Tough gaming regulations, poker’s lack of popularity in certain countries, and stiff competition have caused dozens of big and small-time poker operators to start out with enthusiasm only to throw in the towel down the road.

PokerStars Celebrates Two Decades

One operator that has stood the test of time is PokerStars. The online poker giant has been around for two decades and will celebrate its 20th anniversary as we close out this year. PokerStars has not only survived but has gone on to establish itself as the number one poker operator in the majority of licensed markets throughout the world.
PokerStars has faced its fair share of challenges during the last two decades, the most difficult one being the infamous Black Friday. The ownership of PokerStars has also changed hands during the last two decades but overall, the online poker operator continues to command a strong market share in all of its operating markets.
The operator has decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary with some special tournaments aptly titled the Big 20 Rewind and the Big 20 finale. These two poker tournaments will take place in Nov and Dec respectively. Their regular Spin & Go and Cash Game Leaderboards will also get a special boost to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Spin & Go and Cash Game Leaderboards

The daily Spin & Go Leaderboards currently give away $17,500 daily while their Cash Game Leaderboards give away $20,000 on a daily basis at the cash game tables. PokerStars is yet to confirm the official boost that each leaderboard will receive but one can expect a significant hike to both leaderboards in view of the 20th-anniversary celebration.

Big 20 Rewind

It’s only fitting for PokerStars to celebrate their anniversary with a special tournament called the Big 20 Rewind. This tournament will start Nov 14 and will conclude after 20 days on Dec 4. The 20 Rewind daily events will have a unique theme for each day, with each theme was specifically chosen to celebrate a memorable occasion or achievement that PokerStars has experienced during the last two decades.

Big 20 Finale

The 20-year anniversary celebration will conclude with the Big 20 Finale. The buy-in for this event is set at just $55 to enable as many players as possible to take part in the Big 20 Finale Main Event. The guaranteed prize pool for this event is fixed at $5 million which means PokerStars is expecting a minimum of 90,910 registrations in order to hit the guaranteed prize pool.
PokerStars will also be promoting the Big 20 Finale through its Ticket Machine Giveaways promotion. During the course of its Big 20 anniversary celebrations, the online poker operator will be giving away a number of random tickets to the Big 20 Finale Main Event.
PokerStars has used the Ticket Machine Giveaways in some of its earlier promotions. The operator has not yet revealed any specific information regarding the terms and conditions of this promotion.
There will also be a number of freerolls taking place on PokerStars. The freeroll giveaway will start on Nov 5 and will run till the end of the month. PokerStars is yet to release information on how these freerolls will operate. Do check back at a later stage or go to the PokerStars website in early November to see if there is more information on the 20th-anniversary celebrations. This promotion is open to both existing and new players.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff