PokerStars USA are giving players a great opportunity to win some extra prizes this August through the Casino Race Leaderboards. PokerStars is awarding over $200,000 in prizes throughout the month. There’s $87,500 up for grabs at PS Casino PA and Stars Casino Michigan, while New Jersey players can take a shot at $35,000 in total prizes.
August Casino Race Leaderboards
The promotion got underway on August 1, and if you’ve missed out on the first two weeks of the promo, you still have plenty of days left to get involved, with new races running daily until August 22.
From Sunday to Thursday, players in NJ can take a shot at $500 in daily prize pool. That goes up to $1,000 during Fridays and Saturdays. Those in PA and MI will compete for $1,000 in daily prizes Sunday to Thursday, and $2,500 every Friday and Saturday.
You should earn as much points as you can from August 23 to 30, as bigger prizes will be awarded through the week-long Main Event leaderboards. There’s $50,000 in prizes on offer for players in PA and MI ($10,000 top prize), while $20,000 will be awarded to NJ players ($4,000 top prize).
PokerStars ran a similar promo back in April across the three US states, with the operator giving away $250,000 in total prizes, higher than the current offer.
There were also more players awarded in the Main Event leaderboards during the previous promo. The April Main Event leaderboards paid out 1,200 players in PA and MI. In the ongoing promo, just 150 players will receive prizes in both states. While that is the case, this month’s promo will award a bigger average prize of $333 for each player, compared to April’s $25.
How To Get Involved
Players can take part in the races by opting in to the Race of the Day. To do this, they need to enter via the Race URL available on the PokerStars website. After opting in, players should then make wagers on the featured games available for the Race of the Day. Each Race of the Day kicks off at 6:45pm ET and lasts for 24 hours, except for the Main Event which lasts for 168 hours (or 1 week).
The list of featured games also changes each day, and players need to opt-in for each promotion day that they wish to participate in.
Players should take note that points will only be awarded on winning wagers. Losing wagers won’t get any points. Also, the promotion only covers the featured games (“eligible games”) included for each Race of the Day. Meaning, if you place a winning wager on games that are not part of the eligible games, you won’t receive any points.
During the end of the promotion day, your points will then be tallied up, and this will serve as basis for your placement on the Casino Race Leaderboard.
Only those aged at least 21 and are physically located in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey can participate in the promo.
Equal Chances of Climbing to the Top
You will receive points according to the percentage of your winnings, rather than the entire monetary value. You will get 1 point for every 1% win. Let’s say you win 100% of the amount you staked (e.g., a $50 wager returns $100), you’ll receive 100 points. If your $1 returns $6, that’s equivalent to 500%, and therefore you will be awarded 500 points.
This means the size of your bankroll won’t affect just how fast you can climb to the top of the leaderboard. Even with a smaller bankroll, you are on equal footing with those who have larger funds.
The Casino Race Leaderboard promotion will run until August 31, so don’t miss your chance to win big. Visit the PokerStars website for the complete details of the promo.

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