The situation of US online poker is at a turning point and many in the poker community hope that it will turn for the better. As of now, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) is going on in the Bahamas and is host to hundreds of poker professionals from the United States.

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This is indicative of a good future of online poker in the US, as efforts to legalize online poker have only intensified. “If you look at any popular activity, it’s going to have peaks and valleys. But online poker is tremendously popular. Our success over the past 10 years has shown that,” said Eric Hollreiser, the head of corporate communications at PokerStars.

In the aftermath of Black Friday, there was much trepidation, Hollreiser had commented “Some of the things that were discovered around the activities of Full Tilt Poker and in another sense Absolute Poker [another of the indicted sites, which has now closed down] gave poker a bad name. We’re going to spend years disproving that and getting the reputation back, not just of Full Tilt Poker but of online poker.” Now, it would seem that reparation is well underway.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the Bahamas and is offering 5 prizes of a million USD to the top champions.

There were several wins at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas, some of which include Dimitar Danchev, a 27-year-old Bulgarian poker player who won $1.9m in an event. Other winners include Vanessa Selbst who won $1.4m along with Scott Seiver who took home more than $2m. Jonathan Aguiar, poker pro commented, “I just can’t get that excited when my friends win seven figures anymore, it happens eight to 10 times a year now.”

In regards to US online poker, the PCA seems to have escaped the difficulty and strain that online poker in the country is under. The poker community had expected the entire US poker industry and US poker sites like PokerStars to go completely under. However, they have emerged on top.

Hollreiser commented, We’re hitting an interesting time in the evolution of online poker because it started out as an innovation, and like many innovations it moves quicker than players, it moves quicker than governments. And so we spent a good number of years way ahead of the curve, with governments unsure how to manage online poker.”

Hollreiser also mentioned that a judge in Barcelona described poker as “‘a-legal’, meaning there was nothing to say it was legal and nothing to say it was illegal. This is why, when I look at the US market, it’s very difficult.”

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