After the UIGEA was instituted in 2006, PokerStars picked up most of the Party Poker players, who had nowhere else to go back then. However, since Black Friday PokerStars has been suffering; although it has been the largest online poker site since 2006; closely followed by other competitors like Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker – online poker sites that also went down in the Black Friday meltdown.

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PokerStars is now attempting to establish itself in Europe, and this has not been very hard for the site to do the same since it had already established itself internationally, although it had been serving the US marketplace with complete focus. Although Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars bounced back up after Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker has not seen a good day since the suspension of its license from AGCC as well as ARJEL.

However, PokerStars is on its way to redefining new strategies for this new market that they are now focusing on. PokerStars has appointed a new lead for corporate communications, and after searching for six months they found Eric Hollreiser for global communications. Eric Hollreiser will be handling internal communications as well as external communications including public relations for the company as well its corporate social responsibility facet. Eric Hollreiser has an impressive resume, and is a veteran at what he does. He has been involved in several large branding exercises as well as PR exercises and projects. With a long resume that includes Walt Disney, Microsoft as well as Guitar Hero, which are just some of its highlights, Eric Hollreiser is also a partner in Hollreiser Epstein, and has worked with Fortune 100 Companies.

With a strong leader and impeccable communications, it might just happen that PokerStars captures the hearts of thousands once again, but whether the company is reliable is still in question. The US government has showed these online poker sites that their jurisdiction does not end at their borders, and that their influence can make even other foreign legislators change their decisions. The example was seen in Full Tilt Poker and its recent license suspension.

While PokerStars gears up to establish itself in Europe, the legislators in Europe would also be gearing up to protect their players, especially after the recent turn of events in the online poker world. PokerStars should be wary, no matter who leads them.

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