Looks like on the heels of updates by it's major competitors, PokerStars.com has released a beta poker client that offers features such as resizeable tables, theme skins, customizable theme components and memory for table configurations. This is a huge step forward for the serious players and it definitely something that has been needed for quite some time. I imagine that there is going to be nothing but good things to say about this beta software for the most part.

Speaking of updates, we've also got our own timely updates with a guide on multi-tabling and ten common mistakes in no-limit STT games, both written by ppadala. Both are great intermediate articles and the common mistakes article can be read by both novice and advanced players as a good refresher. Thanks to ppadala for sending these articles in!

In other news, Tight Poker is now running our private tournament league and handing out prizes and trophies for the monthly winners. Participation in the tournament are given out as invitations to very active forum members, so drop by the poker forum to say hi, ask some questions and make yourself known. If you stay long enough, you'll get to participate in our lively community as well.

Lastly, there are public tournaments available at Tight Poker, called Catch the Monkey. These are held at PokerStars, as they offer private poker tournaments at Stars. More details can of course, be found in the forum.

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