After having being deprived of online poker entertainment from Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars fro such along time, poker fans finally get to enjoy some of it as is launching two very interesting poker shows.

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First on the show list from is an all new biography on one of the most stunning women in pro poker, Liv Boeree. She is an excellent player as well as a great looker. 26 year old Boeree has won over $2 million in live poker tournaments in the course of 2 years and she is the focus of bio Poker’s Million Dollar Girl.

She became popular through the television show Showdown in 2005. In her latest tweet, she said, “Oh btw the “million dollar girl” documentary is at 1.20 am MONDAY night for those of you in the UK.” Look for it to not only be repeated but also shown in other countries, including the U.S.”

The second one is the Big Game II where both amateur and expert players will be battling it out in a cash game. The show is in its second season now and has one of the most popular celebrity poker players, Daniel Negreanu in it.

Comparing it with the popular show, Poker after Dark, the Big Game has definitely adopted a better approach. In the recent episodes, the top players in Poker After Dark just look at their cards and are always looking at their poker chips. And many say that just after three seasons, the Poker After Dark show has lost its depth. Even the charming Phil Ivey seems to be yawning at the show.

Big Game II is a little different as it is a lot more energetic, with bits of interviews and chats and has more of an interesting group of poker players. The amateur players are also bubbly and some of them are famous too! The unpopular poker players still have a flair for poker and have great personalities.

Also, there is a bond between the amateurs and the people who are watching the show as the ones who play poker online would be thrilled to have something to do with the big game. It is a clever way of bringing together the experts and amateurs together.

Big Game II will feature film director Nick Cassavetes whose name came up in the law suit filed by California bankruptcy trustee.

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