Josh “JJProdigy” Field will not be welcome at the PCA event as stated in his apology letter submitted earlier this week on PocketFives. In his letter he stated that he was planning on playing in the PCA and Aussie Millions.He also stated that he would refrain from any underage gambling for the remainder of his life as a legal child: an astounding two weeks. Field also promised to stop multi-accounting from now on, but nobody can be certain of such a statement. (See previous article). published an article yesterday revealing the email they received proving that Josh “JJProdigy” Field had indeed been banned from the PCA tournament. Here is the email as received by Poker-King:

"Hello XXXX,

Thank you for your email.
PokerStars management has decided to extend player's JJProdigy current ban to the PokerStars Carribean Adventure (PCA) event. If you have any further questions, please let me know.


PokerStars Support Manager"

According to this official email from PokerStars, it seems as if “JJProdigy” will have to find a different poker website to play on. What remains unclear at this point is whether he is still planning on playing the Aussie Millions. In his apology letter he said that he was planning on entering this tournament but now the odds of that seem rather grey.

Unfortunately for the young poker phenomenon, his letter of apology which was intended as a symbol of goodwill, has probably outraged many players in the poker community and may have even been the reason that PokerStars has decided to extend Field’s ban.

The reason for this is simply because Field admitted in his letter that he has been continuously multi-accounting on sites that he has already been banned from.Although his letter has created many sympathizers, serious poker players who frequent sites that he has cheated on feel like “JJProdigy” is arrogantly parading around the fact that he essentially robbed them of money. These more hard-line critics feel that he submitted the letter only to try and make himself look good before playing face-to-face against the very players he cheated online. Multi-accounting in the online poker world is a serious offence and many players are not showing a willingness to forgive the young star.

Other speculators worry that “JJProdigy” will continue to multi-account under the radar to spite PokerStars for extending their ban on his account. Josh Field has already admitted to being able to do this with ease and unless PokerStars revolutionizes their site security against multi-accounting there will be no way of stopping Field.

PokerStars cannot keep this up forever. If they were smart they would hire “JJProdigy” to help them combat against future multi-accounting since he is obviously such a professed professional at it. Instead of continuing to ban Josh Field from their website, which may only provoke him into finding newer and better ways to cheat the system, they could harness his intelligence and knowledge into bettering their anti-cheating systems.

Josh “JJProdigy” Field’s legal entry into the world of live poker play will not be easy for this young man. Less than two weeks away from turning eighteen he already has more controversy and drama shrouding his name than most poker players accumulate in a lifetime. Whether or not PokerStars will ever undo Field’s ban remains to be seen, but if there is one thing that is certain about “JJProdigy” it is that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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