PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker room, apologized publicly and implemented better controls over its emailing system, after one of its employees spammed several PokerStars players on Friday.

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The employee sent the spam email through mail services in PokerStars’ Isle of Man headquarters. The email contained links to a New Age website, which informed visitors that December 21 marks the end of the Age of Pisces, after which there will be 3 dark days when “electrical or metallic objects will not work.”

The New Age website further informs that electrical services will resume on Christmas Day, which supposedly marks the Age of Aquarius. If this is true, it will have an adverse effect on PokerStars Sunday Million event, scheduled for Dec 23. Moreover, several players will have lost their rake.

Initially, PokerStars officials refused to believe that the email had been sent from their servers. However, they later visited, a forum that focuses on debunking such prophecies, which provided the information that the owner of the New Age website works in “Business Intelligence at PokerStars” and had misused the mail server of PokerStars.

As soon as PokerStars confirmed that its mail server had been indeed used to spam several of its customers, it publicly apologised, admitting that “one of our employees violated internal policies by accessing our marketing database and sending an unauthorized communication to a small number of player email addresses.”

PokerStars further stated in an email to customers who received the spam email: “We identified the method that he used to circumvent our policy, and immediately implemented measures to ensure that no individual in the company can repeat this.”

The online poker room also began an internal investigation of the issue and temporarily revoked “the specific employee’s access to any of our internal systems.”

PokerStars also assured affected poker players that the employee has not accessed or released any of their personal details and urged them to treat the message as spam and delete it.

This is the first time that belief in the Mayan prophecies of the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012 has affected the online poker world. Although historians and astronomers all over the world have debunked beliefs in New Age and Mayan prophecies, people continue to believe them and promote them. Those who believe in the Mayan prophecy claim that something terrible is going to happen on Dec 21, 2012.

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