This week, Full Contact Poker (FCP) will be ending its relatively short life as an online poker room and merge into PokerStars.Along with FCP, the original website’s founder, Daniel Negreanu, will become part of Team PokerStars.

FCP had fled the Ongame network after Ongame closed its doors to U.S. citizens.Searching for a new, American-friendly home, FCP settled down on the Digital Gaming Network (DGN).Unfortunately, FCP was the biggest name room that DGN had on its roster and the lack of player traffic at the tables was not something that FCP could stand any more.

On Wednesday, player accounts will be transferred over to PokerStars.Before then, players can still login to their accounts on the FCP website (not the software) to check their balances and spend FCP points in the online store.Funds on deposit will not be accessible until the transfer to Stars.

Thursday, customers should get an e-mail from PokerStars instructing them on how to validate their accounts.Once validated, FCP players will have PokerStars accounts and can do what they would like with their money.Any unspent FCP points will be transferred over to the PokerStars loyalty program.

In the meantime, the Full Contact Poker website will continue to operate, getting back to its roots as an interactive poker community.Negreanu will still communicate with fans via the message board and his video blogs, and the site will continue to run promotions.There will just be no poker room any more.

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