What beginning player hasn’t dreamed of somebody just handing them $150 and free lessons to learn how to play poker? This dream will now come true for poker players everywhere thanks to the new online poker tutorial site Poker Professor.

Getting started on Poker Professor almost seems too good to be true. Their “About Us” summarizes how it works rather effectively:

Poker Professor is an online poker school designed to take the novice player and through education and guidance change him into a strong poker player

Our experience has shown us that players, who adhered to our proven system continuously, had showed profit from the game. This is why we offer each of our players $150 Free bankroll (no deposit required) to start their poker career.

One need only to read Poker Professor’s “Getting Started” section, pass a simple quiz and then receive a $150 bankroll at the well known Titan Poker site. The free online lessons at Poker Professor cater mostly to beginner and intermediate players. Their videos take interested students through some of the more basic poker strategies and also help them to get a handle on some of the easier concepts that will enhance their game and increase their chances of winning more pots. Additionally, players who sign up at Poker Professor will be introduced to Poker Professor’s growing online community where players can join forums to bounce ideas back and forth.

This easily navigable site offers users instructional videos, easy how-to lessons, a discussion forum for specific topics and even celebrity lessons from some of the best poker players in the business including Tony”G” Guoga, one of the most feared poker players in the world. Joining him at Poker Professor will be Daniel “amichaiKK” Makowsky as well as others. Players will have a chance to get lessons from some of the best in the industry to help improve their own strategies and increase their edge.

Most poker players in the world learned the old fashioned way – show up to a table and donate your buy-in for some real life lessons. Now with the advent of online poker tutorial websites such as Poker Professor this learning curve can be vercome that much faster. Veterans may grumble about having such amenities available to the public but regardless of what they say free poker lessons are here to stay. Good luck keeping beginners from taking advantage of such a great opportunity!

[Certain restrictions apply. Some players, depending on nationality, are currently not eligible to participate in Poker Professor's bankroll-funding offer. Those nationalities include, but are not necessarily limited to, the United States and its territories, Israel, Antigua and Barbuda, Netherlands Antilles, Estonia, Cyprus, Kahnawake, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, and Turkey.]

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