In the past year, online poker podcasts and internet radio shows have become extremely popular amongst poker enthusiasts.Most of the major online media outlets have some sort of audio or video streaming, as do many smaller specialty sites and individual poker pros.On January 2, 2008, one of the biggest poker names online, Two Plus Two, will debut Pokercast, a new internet poker show.

Pokercast is geared towards those who frequent the Two Plus Two poker message boards, as rather than being another fluff, amateur radio show it will focus more on poker strategy.Many of the show’s guests will be Two Plus Two related, whether they be Two Plus Two authors, forum posters, or pros who frequent the site.

The show’s hosts, Mike Johnson and Adam Schwartz, are no strangers to the podcast world, as they have hosted Rounders, a successful internet poker radio show.They have said that while the focus will be on strategy, it won’t just be like an audio poker class.Rather, the strategy will be woven into the discussions with the show’s guests.

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