The online gambling industry in India is growing at a rapid rate with every passing year and with it so are the rates of problem gambling in the country. In October 2019, a poker player from Gujarat committed suicide after reportedly losing Rs 78 lakh in an online poker game at PokerBaazi. Police investigation found that the victim, who worked at an IT firm, was borrowing heavily to fund his poker addiction. He would lose large amounts of money on a regular basis.
In a suicide note recovered from the victim’s home, police found that 39-year-old Krunal Mehta decided to end his life after losing the massive sum (which he borrowed from his friends and relatives) while playing at PokerBaazi. The news once again placed the spotlight on responsible gaming and the steps that online operators are putting in place to safeguard the welfare of their players.
PokerBaazi Launches Baazi Care
PokerBaazi wants to make sure it does its part in preventing similar incidents from happening again. The online poker operator has launched a new responsible gambling service supported by self-regulating tools and features all aimed at providing a “wholesome” gaming experience for its users.
PokerBaazi announced the launch of “Baazi Care” earlier this month and said the new service would allow players to set limits on their deposits and the stakes they play at cash and OFC tables. They may also take a break from playing if they deem it necessary. Moreover, players can reach out to the Baazi Care counselor’s if they feel they can no longer manage their self-destructive behaviors.
To keep their gaming in check, players can enable the following responsible gaming tools available at PokerBaazi:
Setting Deposit and Stake Limits
Proper bankroll management is important in ensuring you don’t go overboard while you play. PokerBaazi now allows players to set limits on their deposits and transaction count while playing on the online platform, based on their playing style.
If you have a tendency to play for extended hours even when you lose, you can deal with it by setting a lower daily deposit limit. If you tend to frequently chase losses, it’s advisable that you set caps on your weekly or monthly deposits. If you can’t resist playing for long stretches, you can help yourself by placing restrictions on the number of transactions you make.
For players who are into high stakes cash and OFC games, PokerBaazi now offer an option to prevent them from going overboard while playing. The site advises that players only play at least 20-40 times the buy-in in any stakes. If they lose on a consistent basis, they must consider setting a much lower stake limit. PokerBaazi also warns its users to avoid playing high stakes for the purpose of recovering losses as it will only lead to more harm.
Taking A Poker Break
Players should consider taking a break from poker if they feel that the game is starting to affect their personal life. In a blog, PokerBaazi explains that if a player’s gaming habits begin to cause trouble to their personal life or ruin their relationship with other people, then it’s time that they take a break by deactivating their profile for a chosen period.
Overindulgence happens when you begin to use money that’s allocated for basic necessities and use it to play poker. When this happens, you start to ignore your personal welfare and continue to play despite losing consistently; you go as far as borrowing money just to fund your gaming habits. If you ever find yourself in these situations, PokerBaazi suggests that you take a break immediately.
Baazi Care Counselors
If you feel that self-regulation tools available at the site are no longer enough to cope with your emotional, physical and mental struggles, maybe you need outside help. Baazi Care counselors are onboard to help you with that. The team is led by psychologist and motivational speaker Dr Nisha Khanna and the team will assist you in dealing with difficulties in your personal or professional life.
With these new responsible gaming features, PokerBaazi aims to curb any potential negative effects arising from reckless playing, and ultimately create a gaming environment where players enjoy their favorite games without sacrificing their health and total wellbeing.
PokerBaazi, which is one of the leading online poker operators in India, is committed to continue supporting social causes such as environmental awareness and education, and come out with new initiatives for a safer and better online poker experience.

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