Ivey Poker has announced on its official website that Ivey League, a poker training portal, will be launched officially late in January.

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Last February, Phil Ivey, the owner of Ivey Poker, purchased LeggoPoker, a video training portal, and said that he would shut it down and later re-launch it as the Ivey League. It was also reported that Aaron Jones, the founder of LeggoPoker, would play an important role in the development of Ivey League. Jones had blogged that a few LeggoPoker coaches would be moved to Ivey League although “the roster will get trimmed.” LeggoPoker used to charge a monthly subscription fee of $30 to give its customers full access to its training videos.

While acquiring LeggoPoker, Ivey had announced that he had begun preparing training videos for Ivey League, which will be just one of the sites in the Ivey network. A number of professional poker players such as Cole South, Patrik Antonius, and Greg Merson had agreed to be part of the Ivey League.

Speaking at a video interview with Jones, Ivey said: “When I was looking to get into the poker training space, I figured I was going to do everything myself, hire some people, maybe get a couple of my friends involved. But I figured I needed some kind of foundation, and I looked at the different sites that were out there, and in my opinion Leggo was the best site. So that’s when I reached out and decided to buy LeggoPoker, and have that as the foundation for Ivey League.”

When he launched Ivey Poker in the middle of 2012, Ivey announced his intention of teaching “the world how to play better poker.” Later, he launched a free play poker app on Facebook, which gave users access to several poker training videos created by Team Ivey members such as Greg Merson and Jennifer Harman.

The poker community had been skeptical about Ivey’s abilities to make a success of Ivey Poker, but the launch of Ivey League will change all that.

Last week, it was announced that Ivey Poker has sponsored one of the episodes of “ShoBox, The Next Generation,” a boxing program. The episode was shown on January 17, Friday, on the US television channel Showtime and is scheduled to be distributed all over the world in the near future.

Ivey Poker has also sponsored the coverage of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2013 on ESPN.

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