Party Poker is the leading website for online poker tournaments. The website features many tips and tricks that apply to all levels of poker players. That’s right, these tips cater to players who are complete newbies to the game of Texas Hold’Em as well as advanced players who can still learn from the invaluable tips and tricks section they offer.

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Here are 3 tips that Party Poker believes will help anyone become a decent player at poker.

It’s All About Position

When playing an online game of Texas Hold’ Em, there are positions available, which are more advantageous or disadvantageous than others. For example, the most advantageous position to hold is when you happen to be on the Dealer button. This sets you apart from the rest of the players, as you are the last to act in each round, enabling you to see everything that every other player does right before your turn comes up. The most disadvantageous position would be when you only have a small amount of money inside the betting pot and can only bet on marginal hands.

Know Your Competition

Another invaluable tip by Party Poker, is that they advise that every player should know their competition. The best way to do this, would be to spend a few hands trying to figure out how the other players react. If you are playing in a room full of unfamiliar players, you should take the time to look for any signs or tendencies, which the other players tend to make when they have a winning hand, a losing hand and so on. Try to rely on your eyes more often and subtly observe how your opponents play to get a better understanding of their abilities and skill levels.

Know Your Hand

Party Poker mentions that even pro players take the time to plan their hands and corresponding moves ahead of time. Naturally, the game of Texas Hold’ Em is unpredictable and any player can get any card at any time. That is why it is better to plan for a few possible outcomes for when Lady Luck smiles upon you, and you do get the card you have been looking for. If you had planned beforehand on what you would do with the card if you got it, your chances of winning would be that much higher.

Following these basic tips will help even the most seasoned of veteran poker players stay on top of their game.