Red Dead Redemption II by RockStar Games is the sequel to the hit 2010 Old West videogame title with open-world elements to it. The newest installment in the Red Dead Redemption series is available on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 starting in October 26, 2018. Poker fans who want to play poker in another game, particularly a mix of the open sandbox and western genres, can do so with the sequel of Red Dead Redemption.
It is presented as a mini game in the title itself. It makes perfect sense in light of how other RockStar Games like Grand Theft Auto or GTA also has amazingly deep and complicated mini games that supplement the main game. In short, it is GTA set in the Wild West.
A New Challenge to Check Out
Red Dead Redemption II includes some poker action in light of the game being set in the Old West and featuring quite historical accurate poker as played by the cowboys at the time. In other video titles, the poker game would be merely mentioned or include a simplified version of it if you decide to play it as a mini game.
With Red Dead Redemption II, the poker game is fully fleshed out such that it appears like a standalone card game within a game. Instead of playing a quick spades mini-game like in Super Mario 3, the poker in Red Dead is quite deep and you can do complex plays in it like in any online casino poker games.
The trailer of RDRII offers insight on its gameplay, focusing on how people tamed the Wild West and the settlement of the cowboys that helped establish the United States of America to the 20th Century. RDRII’s aim is to make a living world that’s not simply open like GTA but also much deeper. Hence the introduction of the poker game as one of many ways you can amuse yourself aside from playing the main campaign of the game. This is a manifestation of how much more detailed and interactive the whole game has become, combining gameplay, storytelling, and action in many amazing ways.
The Stakes for These Games
The Old West theme is more than just window dressing, as evidenced by the poker game in the title itself. Aside from playing like real poker that you can usually come across in online casino sites, the poker in Red Dead involves “old-school Old West gambling” that involves grizzled outlaws in ten-gallon hats and a rugged wooden table. They tend to play for pots that can reach a few dollars, which is big stakes in the Wild West in light of the times.
This gambling mechanic was not introduced in the sequel but is actually a carryover of the original, which features blackjack and Texas Hold’em. The first version even allowed players to play the card games online a la online gambling but this time with only virtual stakes instead of real ones.
The first version enables you to play with up to eight players, and the winnings you can get from them allowed you to purchase in-game items and bonuses. RockStar even released a “Liars and Cheats” expansion pack that greatly expanded your options for gambling while playing the game itself. It is like playing a game within a game, and can in some ways be compared to the movie Inception.
The reason why the poker game mechanic in RDRII is so complex and realistic is because it is one of the most requested features by fans, particularly when it comes to the videogame’s multiplayer gameplay. The poker games can be played from 2 to 6 players, who can compete in various locations. All players can start with a $200 gambling allowance that can run out but does get refilled the next day when your funds are replenished.
Something New For Poker Players
Red Dead Redemption II will give poker players, especially the younger generation something new to look forward to. Millennials have preferred to avoid traditional card games as they wanted something new to play that would give them variety. It will be interesting to see how this new video game from RockStar Games is received by the global poker community.