Poker Sports League (PSL) is India’s biggest poker league. The PSL was established with the main goal of promoting poker as a mind sport in India and changing the country’s perspective of the game. The league is the first of its kind in India, where poker is played in a unique, team-based format, with each team featuring a mix of professionals and amateurs.
The first three seasons of PSL have been a huge success, and now the series is back for Season 4 promising bigger opportunities and a more exciting experience for both the participants and the spectators at home. The upcoming season will provide a unique, interactive experience to everyone involved as the league goes “phygital”.

Poker Sports League Season 4 in Phygital Format

The league’s fourth season begins in just over a month, with the selection ceremony set to take place on March 5. Qualifiers will be held online with 2-3 matches held each week. The season finale will take place from April 20-24 and will be live-streamed.
Announcing the league’s fourth season, PSL CEO and co-founder Pranav Bagai acknowledges the vital role that technology plays across all industries, including the gaming industry. With the integration of technology, players and spectators of PSL Season 4 are set to enjoy a unique, more rewarding experience.
Poker fans at various locations in the country will be able to catch the action via online streaming, a technological innovation that has taken the digital world by storm in recent years. They’ll witness the players’ gestures and striking movements in real-time, making them feel like they’re physically present during the game.
While PSL now has an increased focus on technology and innovation and connecting the digital and physical worlds, it remains committed to providing aspiring players a great platform where they can showcase their skills and improve them to make it big in the game.

Qualify for Free

The league sticks to its free-to-play format, which means players can take part in the league without paying anything. They’ll have zero investment entering the series but they can take a shot at attractive prize pools, plus they’ll be able to practice and step up their game by gaining insights from the pros while at the same time building strong relationships with fellow poker enthusiasts.
Amateur players can participate in the league by taking part in online qualifiers. To do this, they need to log onto the Hashtag Poker App and claim their qualifier tickets. Those who accumulate the most number of points in the leaderboard will get the chance to make it to the draft and earn a seat in the PSL teams.
Six teams, each comprised of 11 players, will compete for season 4. Of the 11 players, 5 will come from the qualifiers, and 1 player will act as a substitute. There is also a separate category for women to ensure their participation in the league.

India’s Online Poker Market Continues to Grow

India’s online gaming industry is projected to be worth $3.9 billion by 2025, according to figures from KPMG. Online poker is amongst the fastest-growing iGaming verticals in the country, attracting an increasing number of players despite the legal issues surrounding the game.
Online poker is allowed in only a few jurisdictions in India as each state implements its own rules and regulations about the game. Nevertheless, the number of Indian online poker players continues to grow, coinciding with the rapid growth of the gaming sector and the technological advancements happening in the country.
In response to this high demand for online gaming, companies have been adopting modern technologies such as going phygital to enhance the overall experience of their customers, and PSL is among the latest to jump on board.

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