A long time ago, in the days before Black Friday and in those times when people were ignorant of the devious money laundering going on behind popular poker sites like Full Tilt Poker, Canadian Athletes were sponsored by the FTP poker site. However, now that Full Tilt Poker has been moved off the scene, the Canadian Athletes find themselves without sponsors.
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However, just proving the fact that the world always goes on, no matter what happens, other poker sites like 888 Poker have stepped into the breach and have started supporting these athletes in Canada. According to a report from G – Poker, 888Poker has taken on 2 Candaian athletes on its team.
Jeremy Taylor, the spokesperson for G – Poker commented on this. “888 Poker has been at the forefront of sponsoring sports events in Canada and around the world. According to our readers, this understanding of and commitment to supporting athletes and events that inspire online poker players makes 888 Poker stand above the competition. 888 isn’t the only site to get behind sports, people, and ideas that resonate with the Canadian online poker community, though they’re definitely leading the pack. After Full Tilt Poker shook players’ confidence in the industry, it is companies like 888 that have reaffirmed it,” he said.
One of the first Canadian athletes that 888 Poker took on its team to promote its brand was professional boxer George St-Pierre. The boxer is a part of Team 888. The poker room also went on to acquire yet another fighter athlete, Carl Froch who is an English boxer. Froch is also a poker fan and will play against 888 Poker’s lucky members in a small online tourney.
Taylor also went on to talk about the support that Party Poker had given to Canadian athletes. “Party Poker also has its finger on the pulse of the online poker community, which has been evidenced by its sponsorship of Canadian pro poker player Kara Scott,” he said.
“Between 888 Poker and Party Poker, online poker players in the U.S. will have some terrific options once legislation is up and moving. And as we all know, international companies gaining licenses to operate in the States is the first step in Canadians regaining legal access to lucrative American online poker competition. Combined with these poker sites investing in athletes we admire, that’s why we recommend players in Canada who haven’t already signed up for accounts get involved now,” Taylor added.

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