There is a new online poker site in town, and it claims to be legal in not one but in 28 states, that also includes Colorado. It was just over a year ago, when the United States government deemed online poker “illegal” and shutdown all the online poker sites, including Full Tilt Poker. PokerStars on the other hand has chosen to function in a reduced capacity within the United States, while they look into permanently moving into greener pastures abroad.

After Black Friday, Poker entrepreneurs have renewed their efforts to legitimize poker in order to keep poker entertainment alive in the eyes of the Americans. Emanating from the list of few is SkillBet, a new poker site that claims to be legal in not one but 28 states, which includes Colorado. In SkillBet, two players start playing identical hands against the same lot of five computer bots, as seen in Texas Hold’em. The player, who wins more money, wins the difference.

Denver based gambling law expert Chuck Humphrey had believed that the now extinct would have gain a thumbs-up for its attempt to legalize its platform, if only it had done it right. Today, on a similar belief SkillBet hopes to gain the trust of former head of internet gaming enforcer from the Department of Justice Marc Zwillinger, through its claim that SkillBet is 100% legal.

On SkillBet’s optimism, Humphrey said, “It can be done if it’s done right. In my judgment, it’s not poker… it is a game of skill.” If you are wondering how SkillBet plans to turn poker legitimate, you need to understand what the three elements of gambling are. Normally what constitutes gambling are – prize, chance and consideration. SkillBet claims to maintain a clean structure by eliminating ‘chance.’  Once ‘chance’ is eliminated, a player wins based on his decisions during the game, i.e. when to raise, fold or bet – a choice that would ultimately lead to a victory or loss. This is achieved when players are dealt with the same hand and community cards or computer bots.

However, SkillBet seems to be playing the same cards as that were played by, almost 5 years ago. Nevertheless, if SkillBet is hoping to gain popularity and remain in the market, their prime focus should not just be the government, but also the poker fans. Focusing on promoting their products to their present and future customers would keep the wheels turning for SkillBet.

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