Finding a good online poker room in the US has become quite the trial and offshore poker rooms that once catered to these players are at a loss while the poker players in America are unable to access reliable and quality sites. However, the recent months have shown marked progress and several poker rooms are in the process of recording better profits, while others are making good deals
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Gambling enterprises are scrambling to get licenses in the hope that online poker and online gambling will soon be legalized in the US. The Nevada Gaming Commission has so far approved online licenses to two companies, namely, Bally Technologies and International Game Technology. The third is expected to be Shuffle Master, which is expecting its license to come through sometime this week.
In the UK and other parts of the world, countries are legalizing and regulating online poker and gambling. The strong and reliable poker rooms are riding the tide of this, while the smaller and failing poker rooms that have not managed their money well are losing out. Lock Poker has entered the ‘war zone,’ due to their ongoing problems pertaining to complaints issued by players. Lock Poker’s financial system is so unstable, their players complain of being unable to use the money, they deposit into the account to play. The credited amount does not reflect on their player accounts, in spite of depositing the cash. When Lock Poker and Cake Poker collaborated, their financial disarray began. To make things worse, the staff of Revolution Network and Lock Poker has not made a move to ease the distress among their players. No announcements have been made so far.
Even the US Department of Justice seems to have decided to play nice with the online poker world and is not closing down any more sites. Last year, in December of 2011 which was a month of many reforms, the Department of Justice began to ease up on online poker rooms that had broken the law. However, now events have certainly surprised the poker world, especially since the same Department of Justice that slammed the doors on the largest offshore poker operators in the country is now in the process of striking deals to launch poker rooms back into the world.
As of now, a deal between PokerStars and FTP is on the cards. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that a deal was on for PokerStars to acquire Full Tilt Poker, which would subsequently resolve the issues with the US government. The news was leaked out by an unknown source familiar with the matter. However, the government has not acknowledged if in fact the story is true.

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