Poker Pros and poker lovers who are ready to relocate in order to continue playing poker have something to look up to. A Poker Refugees Service has been launched by Pocket Fives, a popular poker forum, and on that website players will get all the required and necessary details that they need to take care of while immigrating to other countries in order to continue playing poker.

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The people behind the service have even broken it down to how much it would cost per person, per family or for room-mates, hence Poker Pros and other poker lovers have hope even after the downfall of Full Tilt Poker and several other US poker websites, these players will be able to move to a country where online gambling is legal and they might be able to settle there successfully. At the least, Pocket Fives will make the process easier for them.

The service offers players the facilities of finding a place to live, organizing for a bank account in a foreign country and setting up an internet connection for them to stay connected in order to play poker. The charges vary from $1000 to $1500. Popular relocating destinations for poker players include Panama, Canada and Costa Rica. Kenneth Smaron, a poker player who has recently relocated to Costa Rica says, “Thoughts went through my mind about other options…But reality set in and right now the only thing for me is to be up and running online to survive.” For players like Smaron who have been playing poker all their adult life there is no question of giving it up.

Since the downfall of innumerable poker sites in the US and the events of Black Friday and related indictments most players are wary of using any of the poker sites online, and most of the sites have become extremely strict regarding the kind of players they would allow on their websites. Most websites clearly mention that US players cannot be joining them and so for poker pros and people who consider it to be a significant part of their life there are few options -remaining. One of them that have a better stand is relocating to a nearby online poker-friendly company and playing online poker from there. Chances are that US passes laws that are online poker-friendly as well, but how long that would take to be implemented is the real question no one has an answer to.

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