Full Tilt Poker and its sudden change of status where it closed to US players and stopped giving out updates on whether it was going to pay out its players have been a bit too much to handle for the people on the online poker network.

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Now, they seem to be getting to know what might really be going on with this site. Serious problems with the poker giant and the way it has dealt with people in the past have come out recently due to the Full Tilt Poker fiasco in relation to Black Friday and then Ivey.

Full Tilt Poker has not only been charged with a $1 billion lawsuit from the US DOJ for the charges of money laundering and fraud but there have been licenses suspended for Full Tilt Poker most probably at two different locations.

Another lawsuit Full Tilt Poker has to face is one that has been drawn against them by the US poker professionals Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson, in which they have slammed the site with $150 million in charges for not having paid up.

This has led to a heated debate between poker professionals around the world stating their opinions and comments on Full Tilt Poker and their situation.

Following are some of the comments: Scott Matusow said “Some people have been saying that this new group buying FTP wants to break it up. That is possible, but unlikely.. why? it is controlling interest, not the whole company! part of this deal is ironclad, that they must pay back usa players.” James Guill made a comparison by stating “UB’s new slogan: At least we’re not Full Tilt.”

Some of the other players are angry at Full Tilt for not having dealt with their poker players properly, and hence Daniel Negreau has stated that their allegations on Phil Ivey was extremely low-class and that he would not wish to play with or for such a poker site.

Jonathan Wein, had one of the most sensible comments and he said that players should start donating 1% of their winning to Full Tilt Poker players at the WSOP. Whether this was said in consideration or in sarcasm is yet to be sorted out. Some other poker players considered the people who were dependent on such sites and mention that it is ruining people’s lives and that is surely not something that is funny or something to joke about.

Such is the scenario for Full Tilt Poker; if they pay up today, then they might be able to re-launch with some dignity, and the longer the delay the higher the chances of them being rejected by most online poker players worldwide.

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